I get asked all the time… “Stacey, what is it that has really allowed success to stay easy and effortless for you?” Through my journey of success in corporate America, in entrepreneurism, in direct sales, and today as a speaker, a trainer, a success strategist, a coach, and a business owner, I really sat back. I sat back and evaluated that question. So I came up with 7 strategies for effortless and continual success. These strategies have helped me become who I am today so I decided to share it with all of you.

Here are 7 Strategies to implement if you want to achieve success in an Effortless and Continual Manner:

1. Get sleep.

I know this is so simple you’re probably thinking, “really?” 

Our bodies need sleep. It is one of the most incredible, natural medicines we can give ourselves. Sleep is so important because it is how we recharge. It’s when we allow both our body and our mind down time. Sleep is a space where we honor ourselves.

Unfortunately, most people lack sleep. Most people don’t get nearly the amount of sleep they need to recharge and heal. Lack of sleep can come as a result of stress or mental chatter or a number of other things. Whatever the reason is that you aren’t sleeping enough, step back and look at your habits. Then identify how much sleep you truly need to be rejuvenated and go about your responsibilities each day in a healthy way. 

2. Plan your success.

You’ve seen me write many, many times, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So my question to you is, “What, specifically, do you want to achieve?” 

Now that you have your answer, plan your success around that. What steps do you need to take? Then, schedule them! You must plan, and then you must schedule. I don’t know about you, but if it is not on my calendar, it doesn’t get done.

Are you running your day, or is your day running you? Create a plan, schedule that plan, and then, implement that plan. 

3. Don’t put things off until tomorrow.

The word “later” and the word “tomorrow” must be removed from your vocabulary. Avoid saying, “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Here’s the thing… tomorrow never comes. Each morning when you wake up, it is today. If you keep saying you’ll do something tomorrow, you’ll never do it.

You have to decide to take action, TODAY. “Tomorrow” is the land where all things go to die. Remove it from your thoughts and your vocabulary.

4. Remove the pursuit of perfection.

Perfection does not exist. The allusion that perfection does exist can sabotage people in their journey towards success. Shift that perspective and understand that perfection is a fantasy land. Instead, pursue your very best. Pursue an ongoing, continual state of excellence.

5. Avoid comparison.

When you compare yourself to other people, you are setting yourself up for a very hard fall. The only person you ever want to compare yourself to is the person that you were yesterday and the person that you want to be tomorrow. 

Tony Robbins talks about not comparing yourself to others by saying “If we’re not careful, our focus slips outward, and we look to others’ progress to gauge our own. Given our evolutionary predisposition, the tendency to compare ourselves to others can sneak into almost any situation.

If you spend time comparing yourself to other people, you are losing time you could have spent moving forward.  

Every day, I like to take inventory of the person I was yesterday, the person I’m waking up to be today, and how close I am to being the person I strive to be.

6. Self-discipline. 

Self-discipline is one of the greatest responsibilities we can give ourselves. It allows us to put ourselves in check and call ourselves out. 

7. Embrace a positive relationship with failure. 

Allow yourself to embrace what went wrong and watch it play out – then you can learn from it. If you can learn from failure, you can fix it. Failure is okay. Embrace it and move forward from it. I hope that you make use of these 7 strategies for effortless and continual success.

The only time we really, truly fail is when we refuse to grab the lessons and learnings and instead choose to repeat them on a continual basis.  Learn how you can learn more about Success Tactics through our Success Mastery Program

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