In order to effortlessly create success, you need to harness the power of consistency. I get asked all the time how I’ve become so successful. People always want to know how and why success is easy and effortless for me, and how my clients are also so successful. 

And the answer is sometimes surprising… there is no cookie-cutter answer.

Think about it. 

What would you do if you went to see a personal trainer to lose weight or get in shape, and they told you this… “The answer is easy – all you have to do is eat right, move more, eat less, and eat more of the right foods.” Well, you’d probably sit back and say, “Yeah, no duh.” 

The reality is that advice isn’t going to help you get your results.

Success is no different. 

There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all answer. 

I can, however, tell you a big key that is applicable to success, and the power behind it is consistency. 

What is Consistency?

In order to have success, you need consistency in planning, consistency in following your plan, consistency in your networking, consistency in your marketing, and consistency in working on yourself. 

There’s so much more that gets attributed to success. And the reality is this, consistency in doing the right things is the key to success. 

Here’s Why

Consistency leads to habits, and habits create and determine your actions. Success and/or the lack thereof is a culmination of actions that we do on a consistent and continual basis. Our results are directly connected to exactly what we do the most. And our lack of results is directly connected to exactly what we do the least. 

4 Things we should be consistent at:

  1. Identify the actions that create our desired results – then be consistent in them.
  2. Show up. Show up no matter what. Show up for yourself, your dreams, your business, and for the person you have always wanted to be..
  3. Avoid putting off what needs to be done today. Tomorrow is a land of unfulfilled dreams. Avoid reacting to your day, respond to it.
  4. Accept the fact that you and only you create your results and reality.

The reality is, that sometimes we know what we know and sometimes we know what we don’t know. All of the time, we don’t know what we don’t know. 

Success is easy. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take work. It just means that when you’re dedicated, when you plan, when you take action, when you schedule, when you accept responsibility, and when you maintain consistent effort – significant success is inevitable. It might not be instantaneous, but it is definitely inevitable. 

Expectations Management

So many drop the ball because they fail to understand that not everything is instantaneous. Expectations management is so important because success does not happen overnight. It happens because of consistency. It is the determination, the mental fortitude, and the belief in self that supports consistency. Success does NOT happen without consistency.    

If you want to be a success magnet, attract quality people, and significantly increase your sales and ultimately, your success – you’re in the right place! If you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, let’s chat.