I have an 88% closing rate. I get asked all the time how success and selling are easy for me and my answer is always the same: I don’t sell.

So then, what is it that I do? I help people navigate through their decision-making process. I offer a product, service, and solution that fulfills needs, wants, and desires. And, I show up 100% in a space of service. 

I also get asked pretty often how I create an environment for people to make the choice and decide to buy. This question made me step back and ask myself what it is that I do. 

I’ve been studying success for over two decades, probably closer to three decades if I had to completely be honest with myself. I have been studying successful people, I have been studying success, and I have been studying the science of the mind for a very long time. 

Here’s what I came up with… I’ve identified eleven characteristics that successful people possess and carry with them daily. These are characteristics that successful people have incorporated into their daily life and sales practices.

The top 11 characteristics of successful people in life and sales:

1. Honesty: 

Learn to be honest with yourself and with others. Absolutely share the facts and benefits of your product, service, or solution, just do it in an honest way. The more honest you are, the more loyalty you build.

2. Consistency: 

It’s important to continually do the do. I’m talking about operational consistency, administrative consistency, marketing consistency, networking consistency. Consistency is core. 

3. Coachability:

The more coachable you are, the easier it is to get to where you want to go. When we close our minds, it’s hard to step outside of what we already created. When you open your mind it becomes effortless and easy to create the success you want.

4. Centered/Grounded: 

If you have turmoil inside of you, you will project it out. If you’re not grounded and centered, people will feel that discord and they won’t be able to connect with you. 

5. Gratitude and appreciation: 

The more grateful you are, the more great things you attract. The entire foundation of the Law of Attraction is based on gratitude and appreciation. One of the most valuable ways that you can up your gratitude and your appreciation is to sit down each day and make a list of the things you’re grateful for and the things that you appreciate.

6. Vulnerability: 

Allow people to know the real you. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. How can people know, like, and trust the real you if you’re wearing a mask?

7. Hunger: 

This is not easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it. You have to want it so bad you can taste it. You have to want it so bad that you’ll go after it. You have to want it so bad that no matter what, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen within the alignment of your values. If you’re not hungry, you won’t go after it.

8. Patience: 

You always hear overnight success stories but you never hear about the twenty years prior. Reflect on where you came from, be aware of where you’re at, and keep your eye on where you want to go. Allow patience to make it happen.

9. Perseverance: 

Good times are easy, bad times aren’t. Dig in. White knuckle it. You get to make it happen when times are at it’s toughest.

10. Strong communication skills: 

The biggest mistake people make is they assume communication happens. There are so many layers to the sophistication of communication. The easiest way to develop communication skills is to plug into the science. 

11. Ability to read people: 

When you learn to read people, their personality style, how they process information, the way they communicate, when you understand that, you will understand the map of reality they stand on, and then sales become effortless.

Work on sharpening each of these character traits in yourself and you’ll see you’re closing rate increase. You’ll never have to sell again.

If you want to be a success magnet, attract quality people, and significantly increase your sales and ultimately, your success – you’re in the right place! If you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, let’s chat.