Our Team

Stacey O’Byrne
StaceyObryneStacey is the author of “The Master Networker” and creator of The Master Networker System.

Stacey has been a successful sales professional, manager, leader, business owner and entrepreneur for over 20 years. She has a diversified professional background all of which has enhanced her trainings and offers a broad range of expertise to her clients.

Her training in the military, strong background in sales and management in Corporate America and her successful journey as a business owner and entrepreneur she has developed a strong understanding of the challenges that today’s professionals experience as well as the value in personal and professional development and how it directly influences ones performance as a sales person, client advocate and business owner.

Stacey is passionate about helping sales professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs learn that through effective goal setting, accountability, coaching and networking techniques they can increase productivity, accomplish tasks and goals that have seemed out of reach and fill their pipelines with qualified prospects, double their referrals and ultimately allow them to enjoy more income for less effort.

Stacey has received numerous leadership awards and certifications through the US Army. She studied Business Management and Marketing at San Diego State University.

MaryLou Hunter
MaryLouHunterMaryLou has been helping her clients improve the quality of their lives for 20 years. As an energy healer, MaryLou specializes in spiritual mind/body connections in regards to healing. Her expertise in bodywork with her knowledge of energy and nutrition offers a complete health care experience. She is highly trained in holistic health and shamanic practices and believes in personal and individual programs that heal on a soul level.

MaryLou has a Holistic Health Degree from California College of Physical Arts and her Nutrition certification from Spencer Institute. MaryLou interned with Dr. Bill Kellas, founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine for 2 years.

MaryLou is a 3rd level Reiki Master (soon to be Master Teacher) and is trained in Shamanic Practices.

MaryLou studied Psychology at California State University, Long Beach and spiritual psychology at a local theological institute. She is an ordained minister and certified life coach, and is currently working on a book about physical and emotional detoxification.

MaryLou is continuing her education, completing her doctorate degree in the year of 2013.

MaryLou goals are to educate the basics of whole foods and the importance of super foods verses over the counter drugs. Her mission is to bring back the simplicity of health through natural means of nutrition and healing the soul by focusing on the emotional toxicities that has been created by living an unbalanced life. Her passion in life is helping people get back to the first step to healing, which is to love your-self unconditionally. Once you understand that, you will begin to live.

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